Martin Diprose - Electrical Engineer & Inspector

With a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and one of Manawatu’s only solar engineers, Martin is ably equipped to lead the solar division of McNae Electrical Solutions. It's his job to ensure that McNae Electrical Solutions only installs the very best products that have been thoroughly researched and tested with the necessary technical specifications.

As well as solar research, Martin is responsible for system design, quality control and managing service and support. Martin trains new staff in products and installation and provides excellent customer service. When he finds time, as a registered electrical inspector, he checks solar installations carried out by other electricians within the region.

Martin is not just a solar “desk jockey”. Before joining McNae Electrical Solutions, Martin spent 10 years in Uganda living in a remote village that did not have grid electricity. Martin and his wife and young family relied completely on solar panels when they lived there. Back then his family lived on a 240-watt solar system. Today the average sized residential solar system is twelve times that at 3000 watts. The four 60W solar panels that Martin’s family lived on fifteen years ago cost over $8 per watt. Today, solar panels cost just 80 cents per watt. Martin says, “with this pace of technology change, it won’t be long before every house in New Zealand will see it as a no-brainer to install as many solar panels as they can fit on their roof.”

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The service provided by Martin from McNae Electrical Solutions was excellent and we are very satisfied with our solar power system.

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