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COVID-19 UpdateTuesday 12 May 2020

At Level 3 and below, our work has moved back to normal and we are offering full electrical and solar services again. Previously under Level 3 our office and solar showroom remained closed to the public, but now that we are at Level 2 we are open again if you would like to visit us.

We are still working in a contactless manner.

If you require any electrical work done of if you want solar installed then don't hesitate to phone, visit, or Contact us via our web site.

Our Level 2 Policy

Things for you to comply with and be aware of:
  • If anyone in the house or premises is exhibiting flu-like symptoms, then you must inform us and your job will not proceed. We will arrange another suitable time to do your job.
  • During the job you must ensure that there is no close contact with our workers (please maintain a 2m distance when speaking to our staff).
  • Pets, children and any visitors must be kept under control and more than 2m away from the work areas and our workers at all times. Please avoid scheduling visitors during the time when our workers are on site.
  • Our electricians will collect the names and contact details of all occupants and visitors to the house or area of the premises where the installation will occur. Please have these details available. To avoid face-to-face contact these names and phone numbers can be sent by text or email to the electrician who comes to your property.
  • If anyone at the property subsequently (within 4 weeks of the installation date) is confirmed to have been infected with Covid-19; McNae Electrical Solutions must be notified immediately.

As a company we are working to the guidelines laid out in the COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols for New Zealand Residential Construction Sites (11 May, 2020). This protocol governs the principles that construction work must maintain in order to operate under the New Zealand Government COVID-19 Level 2 restrictions. McNae Electrical Solutions is committed to complying with these requirements and to maintaining a safe working environment.

Specifically, our electricians will be follow these protocols:
  • Maintain a minimum 1m space between themselves and keep a 2m separation to any person in your property.
  • Use soap / hand sanitiser (minimum 60% alcohol) before beginning work.
  • Will not share the use of your toilet/kitchen/bathroom and will only access areas of your house required to complete their work – e.g., switchboard in garage, roof location for solar panels etc.
  • Record details of which electricians are working on your site.
  • All electricians will make a declaration that they are not displaying any Covid-19 symptoms before coming to your property.

We are confident that we can do your work without compromising your health or increasing the risk to you of Covid-19 transmission. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us or talk to the electrician who will come to do the work at your property.

Our office is open and our normal business hours still remain as usual: 8am - 5pm, Mon - Fri, so please continue to phone us on 06 357-0405, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..