Energy Audits

McNae Electrical Solutions has staff trained in energy efficient products, technology and installations.

Energy Audits

Our specialist engineers and electricians can provide advice and assistance to both householders and businesses on the best and simplest ways to reduce electricity consumption, thereby saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

We have specialist power logging equipment that we can install in your electrical switchboard to determine your power usage. Using this data we can provide advice on the best solutions to improve your energy efficiency and to save you money.

  • Power logging
  • Energy audits
  • Thermal imaging of switchboards and mechanical plant
  • Energy Efficiency upgrades
  • Energy saving advice

Electrical Energy Audits

Do you realise that you can save energy and reduce your power bill?
McNae Electrical Solutions can conduct an Energy Efficiency Audit and provide a report of electricity consumption for your commercial or residential property. This will give you the information necessary to implement energy saving initiatives that will save you energy and money in the long term.

What We Do

We come to your premises with sophisticated power logging equipment which we will install in your electrical switchboard. This will monitor your actual power consumption. We then prepare a report showing where your power is being used and what you can do to reduce your consumption. We provide a range of recommendations that are tailored to your specific energy use profile. This allows you to act on the savings initiatives that best suit your home or business.

Isn't An Audit Expensive?

You may think that an energy audit costs money that you don’t have. Think again… an energy audit costs little compared to what it might save you. It’s mainly an investment in time—and the potential savings in energy and money are too big to ignore. Remember:

  • Wasted energy can happen anywhere, and you won’t know until we look.
  • You’re in it for the long haul: Savings through making your electrical systems “run right” will continue for years after an audit is done.
  • It’s free money: Savings in energy costs may be recycled to meet other needs.
  • You’re the boss: While the fixes we recommend in your report have feasible payback periods, you are the one that chooses which of them to implement.

Depending on the number of circuits surveyed, a residential audit costs from $400 and a business audit from $750. Remember this is often less than 10% of your electricity spend in a single year, but the savings from implementing the recommendations from such an audit are typically 10 – 20% of your annual energy spend every year thereafter. This means that an audit soon pays for itself and is always well worth doing.

What's Involved

We will conduct a measurement of power consumption and power quality. We use a Multi-Phase Power Logger to measure and record electrical power parameters at the incoming point in your house or commercial  premises. We then use a 16 Channel Power Logger to record and monitor power use at the switch boards in your facility. We measure daily power use on 16 different circuits at a time. The data is transmitted wirelessly to our servers where we collate and use this to evaluate your facility’s peak demand and power usage.

Potential Areas for Savings

Our report will help you identify savings that can be made. Some of the areas we report on include:

  • Energy usage optimisation
  • Lighting
  • Compressed Air
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Motor control
  • Meter accuracy and optimisation

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