EV Charging

Electric Vehicles are part of our sustainability journey

Looking to fast charge your EV?

McNae Electrical Solutions is now able to supply and install a fast charger for your electric vehicle.
We can install indoors or outdoors. Options from 3.6 - 22 kW. We supply and recommend the Rolec brand.
These are the largest selling EV charger in Europe and they are made in UK and fully compliant with all New Zealand standards.
These chargers offer fast Mode 3 charging and have a Type 2 socket outlet. We can also supply compatible charging cables.
These chargers can have a timer that allows you to specify the times e.g., at night, when you want to charge your vehicle.

Dedicated charging

While you can continue to use the charger that came with your car and plug it into a normal socket outlet in your garage, there is a significant benefit to installing and charging from a dedicated wall charger. The main benefit is speed of charging.

The manufacturer-supplied charger can only charge your car at a maximum rate of 8A. I.e., you will get about 10km+ per hour recharging. This means that to drive 100km will take about 10 hours of charging time. A Rolec wall mounted charger that we supply and install can charge at up to 32A. If your car can accept this rate of charge, then you will get about 40km+ per hour recharging. This means that to drive 100km will only take about 2.5 hours of charging time.

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