Storage options to make solar smarter
There is a lot of interest from people who want to add batteries to their solar electric systems. We were one of the first companies in New Zealand to install the Enphase AC Battery.
We completed the first consumer install, and the first three phase install of these batteries and we now have done many installations of these batteries.
We also offer the German-made Sonnen batteries and we are certified installers for the Tesla Powerwall.

Add Batteries for self-consumption

Storage solves the basic dilemma of not being home when the sun is shining. Storage addresses a fundamental problem of solar energy: while solar production peaks during midday, energy consumption is highest in the morning and evening. With storage, you can save the energy you produce for when you need it most.

Storage captures low cost clean energy and adds flexibility to when you can use that energy, helping you get the best financial return and increasing your energy independence

McNae Electrical Solutions is constantly evaluating the range of battery storages options coming onto the market. The Enphase AC Battery or the Sonnen battery bring the most sophisticated fully integrated options to our customers for increasing self-consumption of solar genrated energy.

In simple terms the Enphase AC Battery, or the Sonnen Battery are all-in-one solutions that include the battery, management system and inverter charger all in one stylish enclosure. The Enphase AC Battery is deliberately small at 25kg and 390W x 325H x 220D which makes handling easy and installation flexible.

Transition to Grid-Independence

If you want power during a power cut and you want to be able to recharge your batteries from solar when the power is off, then you need a true hybrid system. For our hybrid systems we have chosen to pair a quality lithium battery with a Selectronic SP Pro hybrid inverter. The SP Pro has the highest surge rating and passthrough power capability of any hybrid inverter on the market. This means that your system can go completely off the grid.

Residential inverter sizes range from 5-20kW and are paired with 6-20 kWh Sonnenschein or LG Chem lithium batteries to suit your night time and backup requirements. Contact us for larger commercial hybrid battery and inverter options.


Like micro inverters, the Sonnen battery and the Enphase AC battery offer significant safety advantages. We all hope that nothing will go wrong but Enphase and Sonnen have made safety a standout strength.  They chose to use a super safe chemistry and construction (Lithium Iron Phosphate) which you can learn about here and a see video of Enphase testing here and Sonnen testing here. The Tesla Powerwall is not quite as safe, as it uses automotive Lithium battery technology, but the cell density is much greater giving a very compact unit for its storage capacity.


The majority of solar homes will probably need to add 3-5kWh of storage to get the most out of their solar production, depending on a variety of factors. However, many owners don’t yet understand all these factors and would prefer to dip a toe in the water and start small, then build up as their experience grows and this is a key strength of the Enphase AC Battery.

For just over $3000 you can get started with an Enphase 1.2kWh AC Battery. As time passes, you simply add more units as your experience grows or energy demands change. The same applies to the Sonnen battery. You can start with a 2kWh battery and expand it up to 16kWh with additional 2kWh battery modules. Hybrid batteries start at 6.5kWh and can be expanded up to very large sizes.


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