Commercial Solar

Faster payback than residential solar

Commercial Solar

Solar power is perfect for high daytime-power commercial users where you can immediately see significant savings

  • It's tax deductible
  • It's low maintenance and long-lasting
  • It's sustainable and shows you live your company values
  • It will add value to your business premises

Do you:

  • Own your building or have land available?
  • Pay $500 or more per month for electricity?
  • Have a roof or ground area at least 70 m²?
  • Want to save money?

If the answer is YES to these questions we can save you money.

Did you spend too much on power last month?

If you did, we can save you thousands off your yearly power bill. A properly sized commercial solar system could offset between 70 -100% of your electric usage. If you spent $500 on power last month that's a potential saving of $350 each month, or $4,200 per year. 

In addition to this, any unused power can be sold back to the grid. Your system comes with smart monitoring software so you can track exactly how much energy you are generating on your roof and how much your consumption is being reduced. Using solar to generate electricity for your business effectively locks in a low electricity tariff now for the lifetime of your system – which can be more than 25 years.

Solar is tax deductible

It does take capital investment to install a commercial solar system. However, with solar installations attracting a 16% depreciation rate, it’s possible that you could break even with your investment in less than five years.

Solar adds value to your premises

Having solar panels on a business roof may also add value to your property asset.  Future tenants or buyers will see value in having electricity generated on site and this will make finding and keeping tenants easier. Future buyers will appreciate energy savings immediately.

Solar is low-maintenance and long-lasting

With no moving parts there is virtually no maintenance required for your system other than an annual cleaning (if required) to keep the panels in top shape and producing energy over their 25+ year life span.

Solar demonstrates sustainability

Installing solar shows your clients that your business is committed to helping the environment. Many customers are asking their suppliers to prove they are actively reducing their carbon footprint.

In New Zealand a 30 kW solar system will help your business reduce its CO2 emissions by a massive 5 tonnes per annum. Every kilowatt of solar power installed reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lowers your carbon footprint.

These are all marketable points you can use to advertise your company or organisation.

Solar brings stability

Adding commercial solar guarantees a predictably low energy bill. Electricity costs increase every year and this can disrupt even the most prudent budget. The sun is free, and with solar photovoltaic panels, you will no longer be at the mercy of electricity retailers. This eliminates a major area of uncertainty and enables your business to focus on investment for productivity.


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