Solar Cost Benefits

People invest in solar to save money over the long term. We're very savvy now about how to get the most value for money from your solar installation.

You save money in three main ways

  1. You will use less electricity from the grid
  2. You will be paid for excess power that you don’t use
  3. Sophisticated monitoring helps you be more energy efficient

Return on investment

Installing a solar system is an investment that pays great returns. Most residential systems completely repay their initial cost within 8-10 years. Commercial systems have even shorter repay periods. After that it’s all money in the bank.

And with solar panels guaranteed to still be producing 83 - 92% of their power after 25 years, the benefits are long term. That’s why houses with solar systems installed can command a premium in resale value.

Investing in solar makes financial sense

All of this equates to a tax free return on investment. It's better than having savings in the bank. Why not invest instead in your own power generation system?
With rising power prices, smarter solar technology and low prices, there has never been a better time to invest in solar!


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