Solar for your home

Solar works alongside the grid to reduce your power costs or it can completely replace the grid.

Grid Powered Solar

Solar works seamlessly with the electricity grid. If you are already connected to the grid or you can look out your window and see a power line not too far away, then it makes sense for you to use both solar generated and grid supplied electricity together. Solar generated during the day when the sun is shining feeds your appliances and electricity at night comes from the grid.

If you use a lot of power during the day, then solar will provide really great cost savings for you. But even if you are not home during the day, solar is well worthwhile. Every home has fridges and freezers and appliances on standby that can be fed with solar generated electricity. It's also possible to shift power use to the day time with delayed start on appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. Batteries can also be added so that solar generated power can be used at night thus lessening the draw from the grid.

Off Grid Solar

If you live far away from power lines and the cost of getting connected to the grid is greater than the cost of installing solar then an off grid system is for you. These systems have large battery storage to keep you going through the peaks and lows of sun production. Power is generated during the day and stored for later use at night.

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Hybrid Solar

Of course, you can remain grid connected and add some batteries. You stay connected to the grid, but solar and batteries work together to give you the best of both worlds. You have the grid when you need it, but your batteries make you more independent and resilient e.g., during bad weather or during a power cut.

Batteries are quite expensive at the moment, but we’ll see more installed as prices come down. For most people, batteries don't make financial sense right now. This is becuase the up-front cost of the batteries won't be recovered within the 10-year warranty period of the battery. This is why most solar systems are installed without storage. Even so, we do still install batteries—but primarily for those who want backup power during a power cut. If you are interested in batteries, we will thoroughly discuss the number and type of batteries with you, so that you can benefit from storage in the most cost effective manner.

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