How IT Works

Solar Photovoltaic panels are installed on your roof or on a ground-mounted frame. The panels are mounted on special rails that fix directly to your roof with weatherproof brackets.

How does it work?

A series of roof-mounted inverters (one per panel) or a wall-mounted inverter, convert the solar generated DC energy into 230v AC which is fed into your house switchboard and then to the electricity grid.

Your electricity retailer will replace your electricity meter with an import-export meter that measures the electricity you use and the excess electricity you generate that you don’t consume. This excess is sold back to the retailer.

At night when your panels are not generating electricity you draw power from the grid. The solar panels generate electricity in all weather. It is not heat that generates electricity, but light. The system continues to operate even in winter.

Solar Photovoltaic panels — better than solar hot water

Don’t get confused; this is not a solar hot water system. Solar hot water can only reduce your water heating costs; but a solar electric system provides for your total energy needs. When you generate electricity it is simply fed into your existing switchboard to power all your normal appliances—which includes your hot water. Any excess is sold back to the grid.


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