Lifestyle Solar

The dream of being self-sufficient is now a reality.

Do you live on a lifestyle property in a rural location? 

Then solar power is perfect for you. You don’t even need a rooftop. Most rural properties have plenty of space to install solar panels. A ground mounted array is a simple way to face solar panels perfectly north for maximum generation. This is great if you are building a new house and want power while you build or your house has a roof that is a bit unorthodox where solar panels might not fit well.

Sustainable energy

Electricity generated from a solar system is 100% renewable and does not produce emissions or waste. A 6kW solar system in New Zealand can save over a tonne of CO2 each year. This is roughly equal to the emissions from a passenger car that drives 5,000 kilometres a year.

Lifestyle Solar options

If you live rural and want solar, your best option is still the same as most urban dwellers, i.e. a grid connected solar system. However rural dwellers usually get more power cuts than city dwellers, so adding a generator connection or some batteries is worth thinking about. McNae Energy and Solar is a specialist in generator integration, battery selection and hybrid solar so make sure you talk to us.

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 Completely off grid and self-sufficient

Producing your own power can give you the freedom to live just about anywhere. You will avoid the huge expense of getting the grid connected if you choose an off grid solar power system. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars. Today’s off grid systems are sophisticated and reliable. McNae Energy and Solar installs off grid solar in variouis sizes to suit small homes right up to lifestyle mansions. These systems give a completely seamless electricity supply—you might not even realise you are living without grid power.

The cost of going off grid

There is a significant set-up cost to being completely self-sufficient on solar and this is something you need to be aware of. The average grid connected house in New Zealand uses 20-25 kWh of power per day. To provide this much power from an off-grid system would cost well over $100,000 – making it too expensive for most people. However we can demonstrate ways to reduce your daily power usage to around 5-15 kWh per day making off grid solar cost effective and a very satisfying way to live. Once your daily power demand is reduced the installed price for off grid solar usually ranges in price from $25,000 – $70,000. It's still triple the cost of grid connected solar but once it’s installed you'll have complete self-sufficiency and no reliance at all on the grid.

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