Solar Maintenance

Diagnosis, Repair and Troubleshooting

Need repairs?

McNae Eneregy and Solar has installed over 500 solar electric systems. Our systems are reliable and trouble free. However, if your system was installed by another company and you are having problems, then we can help. We often get asked to fix other systems when they break down or don’t work as expected. Maybe you need some advice on whether your system is working correctly, or you want to know about expansion options. For any problems or if you need advice, McNae Energy and Solar can help

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Do you still have a warranty?

Check to see if your solar system is still covered by a warranty from the company that installed your system. Good quality solar installers offer a 10-year workmanship warranty. If the installation is still covered, they should pick up all the costs for any repairs.

Solar panels have a minimum product warranty of 10 years and a minimum generation warranty of 25 years. Cheap inverters have a 5-year warranty and better-quality inverters a 10-year warranty. Other parts may only have a one-year warranty.

We can fix any system, but if you are thinking about installing solar, it’s worth considering the warranties and likely longevity of the installer you choose.  We’re long in the tooth, having been in business for 30+ years. You can trust us to be around to service your warranty and provide friendly service along the way.

Do you need to move your solar panels?

If you need to remove your panels to paint your roof McNae Energy and Solar can do the job for you. Our specialist solar installers know how to carefully remove and replace any type of system. We work on all roof types and can even store your panels temporarily while your roof repair work is carried out.

Solar maintenance checks

McNae Energy and Solar offers a solar maintenance check. The New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 5033 "Installation and Safety Requirements for Photovoltaic (PV) Arrays" recommends a yearly check of PV systems. We don’t recommend a check every 12 months, however we do believe that a check 12 months after the initial installation is recommended. If everything checks out OK, we then recommend a check every 5 years after that.

You may also like to call us if your system has suffered from storm damage, lightning strikes or you think animals may be nesting or chewing through cables on your roof. Our comprehensive check covers all aspects of your system. We go on your roof to look for panel degradation, cleanliness, debris accumulation, water ingress, tightness of mounting frame connections etc. We do electrical tests, shading analysis, check output, and we provide a comprehensive report. If repairs are needed, we can do those either on the spot or later with a recommendation for upgrades or repairs.

Are you shifting house?

Have you thought about taking your solar panels with you? McNae Electrical Solutions has moved a number of systems. It’s cost effective and hassle free—however most solar warranties cannot be transferrred, so this is something to be aware of. Your panels and inverters also need to be up to current standards for us to obtain approval from regulatory authorities for them to be installed at a new location. If they are older, and not suitable for redeployment, we can advise on replacements or upgrades.


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