Smart Tech

Smart technology that is available with your solar install

Hot water diversion

If you heat your water with electricity, then you already have a large ‘battery’ waiting to store your excess solar power. Depending on its size, a hot water cylinder can store between 10-18 kWh of energy. You can take advantage of this resource if a smart hot water diverter is added to your solar electric system. This is how it works:

A diverter is an intelligent device that detects when your house is about to export power and instead sends that excess solar generated energy to the hot water cylinder—in direct proportion to the amount of excess solar electricity that is available at any given time. The diverter measures power flowing to and from the grid. When you would be exporting power, the unit instead ‘diverts’ this by sending pulses of power to your hot water cylinder in proportion to the amount of power that would be exported. In this way it can virtually eliminate all export each day until your cylinder is hot. So, power gets stored for use later when you need energy in the form of hot water.

Online monitoring

If you have Enphase micro inverters and the Envoy-S Communications Gateway your solar electric system is smart.

The Envoy-S is the brains of your system, collecting data from your microinverters and delivering it to the Enphase MyEnlighten software. It communicates in the other direction too, letting McNae Energy and Solar as your installer pinpoint any issues remotely. It also delivers updates to your microinverters remotely—just like getting updates for your mobile or desktop device.


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