Farm Solar Water Pumping

Delivering water to remote locations using just the power of the sun - no batteries or grid electricity required

New Zealand made React Pump

Off Grid water pumping

The React Pump is an ideal pump for filling livestock watering tanks. It is powered by solar panels and is clean, quiet, low maintenance and has a very small cost of ownership over the long term—and it’s made in New Zealand.

No batteries required and no ongoing diesel or electricity costs

Advantages of the React Pump

  • Can pump higher and further than other pumps
  • Far more cost effective than the competition
  • World best in class efficiency
  • Simply add 2-6 solar panels and pipe—no batteries required
  • Pumps when the sun shines—no ongoing diesel or electricity costs
  • Pumps to a set pressure (the point where the ball cock start to close)
  • Pressure stop point is set via a simple push button
  • Brushless motor design—no wearing parts in the motor
  • Efficient Direct drive motor—no gearbox to fail
  • Slow running (200 – 1200 rpm) makes it quiet and durable
  • Motor speed controller MPPT tracker for maximum solar power
  • Light at <20kg so can float on a pontoon on storage dams
  • Can pump clean or dirty water (within reason)

Price with pump and solar panels starts from less than $3,000

The solar panels are easily mounted on a wooden frame that can be made on site. Instructions are supplied for DIY construction and installation, or a complete supply and installation service is available by our electricians.

Pump performance table

Expected litres per day in a typical New Zealand location
E.g., on a typical summer day the React Pump will deliver about 6,800 litres per day to a 150m dynamic head (120m vertical lift + 30m pipe friction head loss).

Installation is easy

The React solar powered pump is made in New Zealand. It is easy to install and easy to service. Spare parts are readily available.

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Contact McNae Electrical Solutions for your solar farm water pumping needs. We can supply and install the complete package with solar panels and pumps for every application.
We also install solar on houses, businesses, dairy sheds etc. Grid connected or off grid.

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