Why Solar?

With energy prices increasing and the cost of solar technology decreasing - now is the right time to invest in solar

Use the sun - it’s free

Solar systems are becoming more efficient and as we learn more about solar, we're getting smarter about how to maximise its benefits.

Why wouldn't you harness solar energy when:

  • It's free
  • It's always going to be there
  • It will decrease your energy bills
  • It can protect you against future power price rises
  • It will add value to your home
  • You can sell excess power back to your electricity retailer
  • It's a smart way to save money - especially in your retirement
  • It's a better investment than putting your money in bank term deposits or similar investments

Solar energy in New Zealand is still in it's early stages. Less than 2% of properties use solar energy to power their home or business.

Should I invest now or wait for prices to drop?

Solar panel technology is now mature. With maturity comes cost stability. While panels are getting more efficient and inverter technology is getting smarter, the basic concept of solar power generation is still the same as it was many years ago. This means that waiting for a reduction in price is like chasing your tail – you never get there, because any possible reduction in price is no better than the expected electricity savings in the first year after installation. Therefore it's always better to take the plunge and install solar panels now rather than waiting for prices to drop. While you're waiting, you are missing out on huge power savings that could be paying off your investment.


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