Why Enphase?

McNae Electrical Solutions installs a lot of microinverters—why is that? The answer lies in three simple words:

Safe, smart and tough

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Solar increases resale value

Solar homeowners (both current and future) have an understandable practical question: what impact does the presence of solar have on the value of my home?

One would imagine that when comparing two very similar homes on the same street the home with a PV system would fetch a higher initial market valuation and ultimately a higher sale price. Unfortunately, studies that address this issue are not available in New Zealand, however in USA studies have been done on this important matter. But until recently those studies were limited in geographic scope and sample size.  But in 2015 this lack of market intelligence was addressed by a groundbreaking study released by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. See here for the summary fact sheet of the full report: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Selling Into the Sun: Price Premium Analysis of a Multi-State Dataset of Solar Homes.

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15 Essential Questions to ask before choosing a solar company

Choosing a solar installer and supplier is an important task. You want to make sure that you will be getting a quality system and that you can trust the installer to do the best job for you. To help you think through the important issues we have put together a list of essential questions to ask any potential solar company. Feel free to copy this handy list of questions and make sure that your installer can answer them all.

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